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Heritage Valley Independent Study

Principal's Message
Heritage Valley Independent Studies program is a K-12 independent studies program that serves the needs of students in the Fillmore Unified School District. The primary focus of Heritage Valley Independent Studies is to provide an educational opportunity for students who can benefit from individualized instruction. Each student must demonstrate the ability to work independently. Heritage Valley provides an alternative learning environment for students that have various needs that may include, but are not limited to medical, financial, employment, health and safety, parental request, and/ or school administration recommendation. Our school is committed to help strengthen the community by promoting educational experiences that assist students in the realization of their personal goals, offer academic programs that challenge students to become successful in our society and offer our high school students vocational pathways for positive entry into career and occupational fields.
The staff of Heritage Valley takes pride in the school and the students. Our staff provides opportunities for students to progress in their studies and for high school students, earn credits toward graduation. Our Heritage Valley Independent Studies staff is excited about the commitment we give to each of our students.

Trina Tafoya,
Principal, Heritage Valley Independent Study

Vision Statement

Heritage Valley Independent Study is committed to meeting every student on the path they are on and

directing them toward being successful individuals both in academics and in society.


Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Heritage Valley Independent Study is to provide an exceptional education for

students who require minimal support in an independent and flexible school setting for a variety of reasons.

Heritage Valley Independent Study provides students with the opportunity to work independently to

allow them the time to handle outside factors that do not allow them to be successful in a comprehensive setting.